About Meikyo Dojo

Meikyo Dojo offers classes in Kyokushin Karate, a system of traditional karate originating in Japan. Nick Savery opened Meikyo Dojo in January of 2013 at its current location in Hudson, NH after many years teaching in other locations.  Meikyo is more than just a tricky word to spell and pronounce, it is a name carefully chosen for its significance.  Meikyo can be translated as “a brightly polished mirror,” or “mirror of the soul.”  The essence of karate can be viewed as the continuous polishing of our techniques and ourselves.  It is through this persistence to “polish” that we make gradual improvements to body and mind.

Our Philosophies

When it counts, your karate needs to work, and not just with a compliant partner.  Our teaching methods use sound concepts rooted in physics and anatomy to help teach you how to maximize your performance.

We want a quality training experience to be accessible and affordable to as many people as possible.  We have several tuition options for individuals and families, and provide the flexibility and security that come with month-to-month payments.  We have no long-term contracts or hidden fees.  In fact, our entire fee structure can be viewed here, so you can train with confidence even on a budget.

We believe that kids deserve a high quality martial arts education too.  For young kids just starting karate classes, the right instructor and the right system can make all the difference.  The focus and discipline developed today will serve them well for the rest of their lives.  We believe in the value of hard work and keeping expectations high.  Although kids tend to crave instant gratification (and so do adults!), we seek to cultivate patience, persistence, and dedication so that our students can find both inspiration and reward within themselves.

Why Meikyo Dojo?

No matter the reason that drives you to study karate, at Meikyo Dojo you will get a great workout for both body and mind.  Our goal is to provide a community for like minded individuals looking for more than just the status quo.  We’ll help you to improve yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually through training.

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