Meikyo Dojo, LLC offers programs for kids ages 4 through adults.  Our programs are designed to improve fitness, discipline, and general well-being.

Karate Hudson NH4 through 6 Year Olds

Our 4 through 6 year olds program is geared towards building a foundation for our young students, both inside and outside the dojo.  We focus on building discipline, strength, flexibility, and dexterity through fun drills and games while learning the basics of karate.

1186223_564106893652251_2001293863_n7 through 12 Year Olds

Our 7 through 12 program focuses on refining karate skills while continuing to work on building character to help our students grow into fine young men and women.  We focus more on technique than in the 4-6 year olds class while continuing to keep the classes fun.

IMG_0965Adults (13+)

Our adult program is designed to meet your goals, whether you intend to compete as a fighter or just want to improve fitness and self-confidence or learn to defend yourself.  Classes are varied but always emphasize technique over brute strength.


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