About Kyokushin

Kyokushin Karate was founded in the early 1960’s by the late Grandmaster Masutatsu Oyama. Kyokushin Kai KanjiThe Japanese translation of “kyokushin” is as follows: KYOKU – ultimate; SHIN – truth. Kyokushin is therefore translated as “the search for the ultimate truth”. Kyokushin is well known for its disciplined and rigorous training. Influences of Shoto-kan and Goju-ryu, which were also studied by Mas Oyama in his early years, can be seen in various techniques and kata (forms) in the Kyokushin system.

Why Kyokushin?

KankuKyokushin Karate is Budo Karate, and therefore goes far beyond just learning to punch or kick.  Budo or “Martial Way” is a term used to describe martial arts that provide a means of perfecting the self.  The struggle to overcome both the physical and mental hurdles you come across in the dojo creates a transformative process that can make you a stronger, more complete person.